How To Embrace A Career In The Oil And Gas Industry

How To Embrace A Career In The Oil And Gas Industry

How To Embrace A Career In The Oil And Gas Industry

How To Embrace A Career In The Oil And Gas Industry
How To Embrace A Career In The Oil And Gas Industry
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Oil and gas is surely a demanding industry, but it also has its own rewards that make it exciting to some people.

If you want to find a rewarding job in the oil and gas industry, the following tips will come in handy.

#1. Find Out How You Can Fit In

The oil and gas industry players are happy to take professionals coming from a wide array of other areas of activity such as law, constructions, and even hospitality. Just do some research to identify the oil and gas industry jobs where your skills will nicely fit in.

#2. Identify The Most Suitable Roles You Could Fill In

Whether you're new to this industry or you wish to switch roles, there are lots of opportunities at every stage of the life cycle of an oil rig. Search online for information about all these roles and try to connect with people in the industry to find out as much as you can about the challenges of your chosen roles.

#3. Network And Connect With Your Peers

Many of us invest a lot of time and effort into impressing our direct managers or the big bosses in the oil and gas industry that we forget to connect with our peers. These people are actually the ones that can give us a referral when we need it most, so don't underestimate networking activities that can bring all of you closer together.

#4. Gain An In-Depth Understanding Of This Sector

Even the biggest players in the oil and gas industry have started they career in the field. Working on an oil rig is the perfect opportunity to get a first hand insight into how this sector works. Consider acquiring some filed experience, if you want to land your dream job sooner rather than later.

#5. Find Yourself A Powerful Mentor (Or Many)

In industries like oil and gas, where experience can sometimes make all the difference, finding a good mentor is essential for the progress of your career. A mentor can provide you with a solid reference but can also offer you useful career advice.

#6. Don't Skimp On Research

Make sure you keep tabs on the most important news in this industry. This is a good way to assess the demand for experts in different areas of activity.

#7. Check Out Internal Job Boards Frequently

All major companies in this industry publish their openings on dedicated job boards. BP, Petroplan, Baker-Hughes and Halliburton are only a few examples of big players you should check out regularly. Such job boards are also useful for those who want to change roles or locations.

#8. Keep Your Social And Public Profile Updated

Ensure that your LinkedIN profile is always updated and that it has a sleek and professional look. Also, take care of your social media profiles, as they should also reflect your personality and your most important life values. Also, follow the biggest influencers in the industry on social media and interact with them in a professional and useful manner. You may also consider attending some of the industry events.

#9. Keep Tabs On The Most Relevant Job Boards

Bookmark all job boards that are relevant to your desired career, as well as those that target the oil and gas industry specifically.

#10. Don't Show Up To Interviews Unprepared

Always prepare for the interview and make sure you arrive a few minutes in advance. Dress conservatively and maintain eye contact with your interviewer.

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