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4 Investments Worth Making When Trying out Entrepreneurship

Like most smart and thoughtful entrepreneurs, you have probably tossed around the idea of pursuing this dream ...

2018 Workplace Trends You need to know about

Every year I give my forecast for the top 10 workplace trends for the upcoming year. The purpose is to help pr...

5 Simple Ways To Earn Money On The Side in 2017

Want to earn a little money, so you can either save a bit or pay back some debts - well these could be the jo...

3 Reasons to consider a career in civil engineering

A civil engineer is mostly concerned with the construction of buildings and infrastructure. They may also be i...

What’s the Difference Between a Limited Liability Company and Private Limited Company

When starting a business you may have to choose between an LLP or a private limited company structure. &nb...

How to Develop Your PR Career in the Digital Age

Despite the rapid rise of social media and internet marketing, public relations or PR is still one of the most...

A Tradesman Guide to developing new industry skills

Need to earn a living as a tradesman you will no doubt be busy developing new skills and acquiring new custome...

4 Reasons Why Your Business Should Embrace Video Content

  Producing corporate videos was once far too expensive for the majority of small to medium sized bus...

How To Reduce The Cost Of Commuting

Commuting costs money and also time. Even though you can’t control the traffic, you should be able to do...

How to Recruit and Manage Volunteers

Volunteer recruitment can be a long, audacious process. When working for a charity or non-profit organizatio...

Back to School at 30: Freelance Essay Writing Jobs

With more and more college graduates joining the workforce, we – mature adults – need to present...

Avoid Frustration in your job search

  Ok so your job search is becoming very frustrating  not getting good feedback, ...

How To Become A Fraud Investigator

With advances in technology, the possibility of fraud has increased. As more people rely on digital and elec...

Escape the boring office, get a job outdoors

Have you ever stared out of the office window on a sunny day and wondered what madness keeps you here indoo...

This years 6 Social Media Mistakes To Avoid While Job Searching

  For many job seekers, the Internet presents two very different worlds. One consists of hanging ...

CV Writing Tips Every Freelance Writer Should Know About

  As a freelance writer and businessman working within the copywriting sector, toiling through CVs ...

Who's the Boss? (And Why it Matters)

  In the film “Horrible Bosses,” any resemblance to real or living people may have been ...


  Having a tour concert is one of the essentials of any artiste. This serves to not only promote y...

A guide for hiring staff for a pop-up restaurant

  Hiring staff can be a challenging undertaking for any business. A pop-up restaurant is no excep...

A guide to impressing new employees for Success

It is commonly thought that first impressions in business are the impressions provided by employees to the ...

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It is commonly thought that first impressions in business are the impressions provided by employe...
Sarah Ellis
06 July 2017
You might not realize it, but letting clutter accumulate in your home can actually hurt your perf...
Sarah Ellis
16 February 2017
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